I Show You One of My Methods That Helped Me To Make $1,006 From $100, Then $257,000 From $1,006 With Bitcoin And Cryptocurrencies:
Creating index tracking crypto portfolio
In this e-mail, I introduce You the 1st field, where I invested my money separated for cryptocurrencies.

I show You how did I create an index tracking crypto portfolio. Do not worry if You are completely beginner in this topic, You will understand everything, because I will explain You everything.

Just like in any other businesses, it is very important in case of cryptocurrencies to minimize the risks.

Therefore, I invested my money to the 3 main fields of the world of cryptocurrencies, significantly lowering the risks. The total amount spent on the crypto business is the 30% of my savings. I never invest my complete cash or use bank loans, this is my principle!

I invested the 60% of my money separated for cryptocurrencies into Index Tracking Crypto Portfolio.

Many plan to buy Bitcoins from their complete savings, and keep them for years, then sell when achieving the desired exchange rate gain.
This is a very bad idea, due to the following reasons:
The main benefits of index tracking crypto portfolio:
I show You how did I create my index tracking crypto portfolio.

When creating an index tracking portfolio, the most important is that the portfolio shall cover the majority of the market capitalization.
Where can I buy Bitcoin and altcoins for really good prices:
I use the Binance cryptocurrency exchanger, I am really satisfied with it, because they always sell Bitcoin for a fair price, and the transaction cost is as low as 0.1%.
Where can I store my purchased coins:
In the next e-mail, I am going to tell You how You can store your Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies safe and secure.

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